Agustina Martinez Garcia

I am currently working towards a PhD degree at the Faculty of Education, Community and Leisure in which I am exploring the potential of semantic technologies to enhance qualitative research and digital archiving. I was also one of the Research Associates in the ESRC/EPSRC funded ′ENSEMBLE′ Project (2008-2011) studying and developing back-end systems to support teaching and learning semantic applications. My research interests are the development of technological models for research archiving and the role that technologies play, especially new semantic web technologies and digital repositories, in research processes and inquiry practices more broadly.

At present, I am involved in a successful recent JISC Grant funding application (OER Rapid Innovation): “Linked Data Approaches to OER”, which aims at developing online tools that enable to integrate existing educational materials (OERs) with other types of online content and uses linked data approaches.

Additionally, I am one of the members of the International ‘Qualitative Data Exchange’ working group, which aims to develop technological tools for qualitative data exchange. The group is formed by researchers and archivists from various European countries working on qualitative research projects and archives.



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