Simon Morris

I’m one of the team’s software developers, primarily concerned with rapid prototyping of semantic web sites, and developing bespoke visualisation components to extend the functionality of semantic web frameworks such as MIT’s Exhibit.  My background is primarily in computer graphics and user interfaces; since joining the Ensemble team at LJMU I have been translating these skills from desktop and web development, to the semantic web.

Before joining LJMU I worked in various Computer Science roles for academia, industry and government.  I’ve coded software for casino Video Poker machines, worked on web sites for local government and Premier League football clubs, developed applications for the early digital TV systems, been a Unix system administrator and research assistant at the University of Liverpool, and worked for a brief time in the biotech industry helping to program software to manage genetic testing.  As hobby projects I’ve also coded Android and HTML5 applications.

In the wider programming community I’m probably best known for having blogged for Java’s official community site (, for creating the jYMSG open source library to access Yahoo! instant messenger (now OpenYMSG), and for writing the book “JavaFX in Action” about Java’s new graphics technology.  Through my work with the Ensemble project I am also a contributor to MIT’s Simile Widgets project.

At LJMU I’m currently involved in several ongoing projects, including a tool to create online educational resources from semantically linked data driven by video, and a web app for students to locate and cite video and other online resources in reflective commentaries.  I also hope to participate with Kate Litherland, exploring the use of the Raspberry Pi as an aid to teach programming in schools.  (If someone wants to stump up the cash for a box of Lego Mindstorms, I’ll quite happily hack that too.)


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