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The Final Package – Linked Data Approaches to OERs

In our project plan we outlined three phases of work. The initial preparation phase (April-June) was based on the creation of initial demonstrators and early investigations of digital literacies and reuse issues. Initial participatory design workshops with staff in the faculty of Education, Community and Leisure (documented here) pointed out a desire for the type … Continue reading

Editing an Autokitty Presentation

On this page, you can find all the documentation to help you create and edit online presentations with Autokitty. This is available as an ebook or pdf. For a video, see our #grandfinale post. MOBI file EPUB file Printable PDF Guidance on using the packaging application is available here, as a screencast and as a … Continue reading

Autokitty – the app

The ‘Autokitty’ app is now available to use online: either click here or on the image below. Alternatively you can download the source code and host the application locally. This, alongside the packager app and all the most current manuals for this tool are available on the downloads page.

Making an IMS content package

The IMS content packager application which accompanies the Autokitty tool is now available for download here. Once you have downloaded the app the video below will take you through the process of creating a content package for use in repositories. Alternatively, you can download a printable version here.

IMS CP Packager Application

Exporting Autokitty generated projects Once you have created your web application including educational resources with the Autokitty tool, how can you host it? Since the output of the tool is a self-contained HTML page, it is very easy to deploy it and host it in a wide variety of places, including amongst others: your personal … Continue reading

Xtranormal Presentation, as an Autokitty

If you saw the presentation video made with Xtranormal a couple of postings back, you’ll perhaps be interested know we used it as a guinea pig for authoring AutoKitty semantic presentations.  The screenshots are above, but if you want to see some example results, check the links below: AutoKitty Presentation Initial demo using the They … Continue reading

Xtranormal Presentation

We needed a default video for the AutoKitty software, for when it first loads and the user is yet to select their own video.  “This is a job for…. XtraNormal !!”

Prototype #7: Confused? Hopefully This Will Help!

One of the problems with describing this project is that, given it’s predominantly a HTML5 web application, until a substantial portion of the UI is constructed one finds oneself waving arms around frantically and using hypebole to explain what it should do, or could do, or what you hope it will do!  And obviously arm … Continue reading

Prototype #6: Finally, Some Linked Data!

The latest version of the tool now has a basic interface to attach facets to the video.  Remember, the tool associates content (through groups of tags, known as facets) to passages in your chosen YouTube.  Thus far it had been possible to mark out passages, but not assign any facets. An example: if one had … Continue reading

Prototype #5: Finding YouTube Videos

The current design for the tool only supports YouTube videos as the media off of which resources can be hung. The first step in any new project, therefore, is to source a suitable video on the YouTube site (specifically the tool needs to get at the unique ID used by YouTube to identify each video). … Continue reading

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