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The Final Package – Linked Data Approaches to OERs

In our project plan we outlined three phases of work. The initial preparation phase (April-June) was based on the creation of initial demonstrators and early investigations of digital literacies and reuse issues. Initial participatory design workshops with staff in the faculty of Education, Community and Leisure (documented here) pointed out a desire for the type of tools which offer a wider range of structural possibilities than the hierarchical and linear designs created by some systems. We also attended the OER programme meeting in London in March, and the JISC Discovery workshop in Birmingham in April, which were useful in informing our discussions with participants about licensing and openness. Attendance at these sessions lead to the inclusion of Creative Commons options in both the import and export stages of the tool. Our line on licensing issues is explained here.

During the development phase (July-August) we intended to focus on developments of the tool and integration with the existing Exhibit framework. Most of the work in this phase focussed on the development of the tool, based on the early demonstrators, and development of a packager application to integrate with existing repository systems (e.g. JORUM) and other widely used educational content management systems (e.g. Blackboard).

Finally, in the evaluation and dissemination (August-September), we aimed to finalise the tool, based on staff feedback, and to produce supporting documentation for it. As outlined in our proposal, this project has created:

  • The ‘Autokitty’ aggregation tool, available to use online and as an open source download.
  • Supporting documentation in a variety of formats: ebook and printable pdfs are available on the downloads page, and a screencast demonstration of the packager is here.
  • A series of demonstrators and prototypes. A full list of these, alongside the project’s final outputs, is available here. Sample demonstrators are online here and here.

We have also begun dissemination of our project’s work, including work in this project in our paper at ALT-C in September, and advertising our final dissemination workshop, to be held in January 2013.




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