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ViPER stands for Video for Personal Electronic Reflection. This online tool gives you as an administrator the ability to make a collection of videos and clips from them, which both you and other users can then use to write your own analyses and reflections against. These reflections can be private, only viewable from within the usersʼ accounts, or can be shared with others. Depending on how ViPER is configured, users may have the option to compare two videos, or just to view one, whilst composing their analysis. Both versions allow users to create a web page containing the video(s) and their analysis, which they can then share with others.

Originally developed as a ‘proof of concept’ tool with dancers during the Ensemble project, the ViPER application is now available for general use in teaching and learning. Some background on the development of the tool, and the role played in its development by staff and students in Contemporary Dance at Liverpool John Moores University in its development, can be found here.

The code package is available for download here.

Technical documentation relating to first-time system and database configuration is here.

Illustrated printable guides and video instructions for general users are available below.

ViPER Administrator Guide
Managing the Data
ViPER Administrator Guide
Managing the Library
ViPER User Guide
Watch the video Watch the video


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