JISC Northwest in Southport

With Agustina otherwise engaged with the small matter of writing up her PhD, on the 27th just gone Kate and myself (Simon) attended the JISC event in Southport, taking with us a boxful of leaflets from the Ensemble project, a couple of large posters expertly put together the day before by Kate, a simple demo page expertly put together to the accompaniment of birdsong and milk floats on the morning itself by Kate, and a laptop which I’d loaded with video screencasts of our work as ensemble@ljmu (to counter the enviable conference wi-fi blackouts).

We took the scenic route out of Liverpool (not deliberately, the sat-nav seemed possessed with the spirits of Captain Scott and Dr. Livingstone), but managed to arrive with plenty of time to set up our stand before the doors officially opened.  The conference seemed well attended, perhaps because many of the presentations involved the F word in some way, shape or form (Facebook).  There was one interesting presentation I attended from Dale Davies of Liverpool Community College; effectively Dale had built a scaled down YouTube for intranets using Kaltura (the open source video hosting platform).  Wonder if he’s seen the work we’re doing at LJMU?  (Sadly I didn’t get the opportunity to introduce myself, as his session overran and I had to leave promptly.)

At the ensemble@ljmu stand we were hoping for quality visitors rather than quantity — and that’s precisely what we got.  Several visitors had requirements that almost perfectly matched the work we’d already done.  For example, one visitor recounted her experiences of becoming a student nurse, it seems almost directly paralleling the reflective practices of Contemporary Dance (for which we’d built the original VIPER web app — see postings by Sophie on this blog for more).

Kate took the contact details of everyone with an interest in our work, and we shall be emailing out some useful information to get them started with building their own semantic resources soon.



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