Learning and Teaching Conference

From the presentation given at the L&T conference there seemed to be a good response to the tool and the developments that can come from it.  Responses consisted of the tool playing a good role in the development of student’s criticality of information, and were seen to be something that could be used in support of developing such skills.  This would be useful not only for those in level 6, but for level 4 and 5 in order to reach a higher skill point for when they reach the final year of their academic study.

There was also the response that the tool can be adapted to a range of subject areas, this showing a sign of how the tool can be developed. With one of the questions involving how the privacy of student’s videos would operate, the issue was addressed that only students of LJMU and of that specific faculty could access the videos.  However, with other software available that is more private this should not be an issue.

Overall, with the reaction to the tool being positive, the tool will hopefully get utilised by members of staff and will therefore get publicised to students in order to develop their learning.



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