From the interview process that I have conducted with several members of staff, whilst there has been an interest in the tool being created there have also been some concerns voiced.  The main concern was that when a video is uploaded it can be viewed by any member of staff, therefore leading to the possibility that the use of the video will get repeated in lectures and students may complain of seeing the resource before.  This is leading to the issue that some staff may not wish to use the tool for this reason and will therefore not upload any videos that they have found.  Whilst I explained that videos via YouTube are for anyone to see, it became more apparent that if members of staff had their own videos, for example on a DVD, they may choose not to share it and only make it accessible on blackboard.  This seems unfortunate as one of the main purposes of the tool is to lead away from the structure of Blackboard and give students and staff more freedom and choice of what is available. 

Hopefully when members of staff are able to view the tool and use it, they will have a change in mind and become more in favour of the tool.



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