Creating the Facets

When first addressing the issue of labelling the videos and organising them into facets it seemed quite overwhelming with the amount of information there was per video.  With help from Vicki I managed to decide on the main and most important categories. Firstly being the route (Special Needs, P.E, Early Years or Early Childhood Studies). This would then lead into the modules that are taught in each route.  It was also decided that the main search terms should include: date, source, geographical area and general educational terms. After these search terms were decided on, it became much more complicated as to how I was to condense the amount of words that could describe each video.  From talking to members of staff, it seemed important that there should be an area for subject specific terms.  I decided on these terms by looking at the module criteria and highlighting any key words that were used to describe the content. This is being made so words can be added to the list due to the constant changes in education.

When these categories were decided it became more difficult to decide what else should and should not be included. It was suggested by members of staff that region would be of importance to them; however I decided that because there is already a geographical area there isn’t a compulsion for region to be a category.  From the interviews it was picked up that the type of institution was of importance and would be mentioned frequently.  Another which was often discussed was policies and legislations, as stated in the last post, I decided that it would be better to just label this information under the political party that the policy was introduced, therefore still categorising the video content but in a more practical way.

When the facets are programmed into the tool, I will go through each video and see if I discover any changes that need to be made. No doubt there will be some alterations.



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