Tagging – I think I’ve got it!

From discussing with members of staff and referring to videos that I have collected, I think I have got the final tags that will be added to the site! The process has been quite fast, going from being bewildered as to how I would condense so much information, to having an adequate amount of tags that manages to describe the content of the videos. The way in which I have got to this point is by simply thinking more generally about each video instead of going into too much depth.  For example, when there are videos that have content about different acts and legislations I have categorised them under governmental parties (to indicate what party each act was put under).  This has made it so the information can still be categorised in a relevant way.

I am yet to meet with a few more members of staff so I can collect some more resources.  I will of course share with them my thoughts of how to tag the videos and see if they are in agreement with me.



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