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Within a few of days of joining the team, I have made significant progress. However, organising the tags and facets is turning out to be more complicated than anticipated.  From looking through existing videos (collected through the modules I study via Blackboard) I have an idea of what should be included in the tagging, however after discussion with the rest of the team it seems that there may have to be some altering of the terms being used.

I have noticed that when watching the videos, there are a number of key terms that can be used frequently and overlap in other modules.  With this in mind, the decision has been made that one of the categories will include the module titles.  Due to appearance and space on the page, it has been decided that there could be a drop down menu where these will be listed.  With this in mind, I now understand how the tagging will be transferred onto the site.  After some help and tutorial, the way in which the site works is much clearer and very easy to grasp.

I will be meeting with members of staff where I will be discussing what they wish to see within the categories.  As suggested by Simon, it seems that it would be best to ask them to provide three general terms that they would use to sum up the modules that they are teaching.  This will hopefully be a help to refining the search terms, making it much easier to label the headings.

In addition, I have now started working on the user instructions making them as thorough as possible as to avoid any confusion on using the site.



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