Raspberry Pi Drop In Session

Despite inadvertently clashing with other events on the campus, our Raspberry Pi drop in session was surprisingly well attended.  We had our Pi up and running in B004 from 10am to midday, cunningly located next to the staff room during the morning’s peak coffee procuring period.  Various curious staff members, from both technical and teaching backgrounds, dropped in to play hunt the computer (almost everyone was surprised at the Pi’s tiny footprint), play with the device, and even dabble in a little novice programming via Scratch.

As well  as Scratch[1], visitors played around with the Debian/Linux operating system[2], while Kate showed off her first every Python[3] program, which sparked enthusiasm as to the device’s use in teaching Maths.

As many visitors expressed an in interest in getting their own Raspberry Pi, we have set up an LJMU Pi interest group. Staff and students can sign up here.

[1] : Scratch is a MIT project aimed at teaching children as young as 7 the basics of logic and programming, by plugging together colourful software blocks on screen to control cartoon characters.
[2] : Think of Linux as like Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X, but a bit more orientated towards programming, research and experimentation.
[3] : Python is a simple yet powerful programming language, so named because of its creator’s love of Monty Python.



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