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Prototype #6: Finally, Some Linked Data!

The latest version of the tool now has a basic interface to attach facets to the video.  Remember, the tool associates content (through groups of tags, known as facets) to passages in your chosen YouTube.  Thus far it had been possible to mark out passages, but not assign any facets.

An example: if one had selected a video about Natural History one of the facets might be animals, which could contain the tags like lion, elephant, squirrel, and penguin   To associate elephants with the first five minutes of the video, as well as the ten minutes starting at 50 minutes in, one creates a new OER item[1] and creates two tracks.  The first track is sized to 0:00–5:00 and the second to  50:00–60:00, then elephant tag is clicked in the animals facet.  If you don’t have an elephant tag, you can easily add one; if you don’t have an animals facet you can just as easily add that too.  You might also decide to add a country facet, to tag the country each segment of the video relates to; once added, you’ll find a facet appears on all your other items, and the tags you’ve already entered elsewhere are listed for easy selection.

[1] note: we probably need to come up with a  more intuitive term than OER item.

Once you’ve been through the video you will have a comprehensive set of linked data, associating animals, countries, or whatever you want, with segments of the video.  Of course the power comes when one marks the video up using multiple facets at once, so the end user can easily identify passages of the video dealing with African animals that are also carnivores.



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