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Prototype #3: Early UI Test

This is a very early user interface test, to rough out the display layout and styles (the green has already been objected to by colleagues). One of the goals of the project is to create a very simple and intuitive way of creating semantic OERs, and this prototype trials ideas for achieving that goal.

The UI takes its lead from the timeline editing controls found in popular offline video editing applications; the black area at the top of the page is where the video will play, the lower portion of the page houses an area representing the duration of the video (from left to right, start to finish). New resources can be added to the timeline (the grey blocks), and their relevance to the video controlled by adding and sizing green bars, known as tracks?. The tracks don’t work at the moment, but two default tracks are hard coded into each new resource to test the design. The faint green line down the screen presents the playback position — it too is not currently functional, but in the finished application it will move from left to right as the video plays to help demonstrate how the tracks relate to video playback.

Each resource has a collection of linked data associated with it, and the silver button to the right of each resource opens up a control panel to add and edit this data.



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