OER Project Aims

The project’s main aim is to produce an online tool which allows users to construct ‘bundles’ of OERs and other online content centered around playback of rich media.

The following objectives will help to acheive this aim:

  • To produce demonstrators and prototypes to facilitate participatory design activities.
  • To work with academic staff in the development settings to identify which online resources and OERs are currently used in their teaching; which other open content might be used, and to articulate what purpose it might have in teaching and learning activities.
  • To identify and meet the metadata documentation requirements for system functionality and archiving of content ‘bundles’, to ensure the content of any presentations created is portable between different online platforms.
  • To identify and explore any licensing and ‘digital literacies’ issues which arise from the juxtaposition of resources from the wider online community with OERs which carry clear Creative Commons licensing.
  • To deploy working prototypes of the tool to staff and students in the development setting, and to carry out an evaluation of the system.

The online tool is intended to:

  • improve the ‘usefulness’ of high quality online resources, by providing a mechanism to contextualise them, or frame them within a narrative
  • offer the potential for increased use of open educational resources, and the formation of more links between these resources and teachers’ own materials, and resources from the wider online community
  • allow teachers to quickly and easily aggregate multiple distributed sources of open content, in ways that are pedagogically relevant to their courses
  • give learning technologists another free tool to encourage open academic practice among staff
  • give students the chance to take part in more active learning, contribute to collaborative tasks, and also to become part of a community of OER contributors.


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