Linked Data Approaches to OERs – in a nutshell

This project extends MIT’s Exhibit tool to allow users to construct bundles of OERs and other online content around playback of online video.

We envisage the tool working like this:

Linked Data Approaches to OERs - Use Case DiagramThis project takes a linked data approach to aggregation of OERS and other online content in order  to improve the ‘usefulness’ of online resources for education. The outcome will be an open-source application which uses linked data approaches to present a collection of pedagogically related resources, framed within a narrative created by either the teacher or the students. The ‘collections’ or ‘narratives’ created using the tool will be organised around playback of rich media, such as audio or video, and will be both flexible and scaleable.

By allowing for the integration of different types of online content and the users’ own text annotations, the tool has the potential to enable easier integration of OERs and Open Data in course content by teachers; to facilitate critiques of resources by students, and to support supply and reuse of educational content by both. By supporting sharing of online resources, the tool can enhance the visibility of quality content, whilst facilitating knowledge accumulation and ‘personalization’ of learning. Although the tool itself will reference, rather than store, the content collection, the resulting presentation generated by users will be available for them to view online, or download for use in other environments, such as institutional VLEs, personal online spaces, or for archiving in repositories.



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