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What could technology do for us? Immersive experiences

Television history documentaries used to be simple. Take one respected historian, stand him or her on a rock with an ancient ruin dominating the background, then ask them to talk enthusiastically while gesturing selectively at the crumbling remains. The fatal flaw in this method was that viewers were expected to use their imagination to marry … Continue reading

About Us

This group came together during the EPSRC-ESRC funded Ensemble Project, which was spread across several universities and from 2009-2011 was based at LJMU. A summary of the work carried out by the multi-institutional team can be found here.

We continue to work with colleagues from Ensemble, including Prof. Patrick Carmichael at the University of Bedfordshire, and Prof. David Karger at MIT. We also have links with a group from the University of Murcia, Spain from past collaborations.

We are currently working on a number of externally and internally funded projects, shown in the menu above, which have emerged from Ensemble’s work. We regularly present at Faculty, University, UK and international conferences, and publish in academic and professional journals and books. See our team page for more on our recent activities.

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Faculty of Education, Community and Leisure
Barkhill Road
L17 6BD

Our LJMU web page is here.

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